I fuck the old man who comes to assess my benefit

I fuck the old man who comes to assess my benefit Length: 18 mins. 45 secs.


The benefits claims assessor has been spying on me. He wants to discuss my fraudulent benefit claims. He has a special way of dealing with his cases. Lying me over his knee, he lifts up my denim skirt and spanks my bum. Pulling down my knickers, he coats me in lube and slips his fingers into my cunt. Standing, he makes me strip before tweaking my erect nipples. He then gets me to jab a toy into my pussy. Entering the bedroom, He joins me on the bed. With the toy still in my pussy, I suck on his dick. Then two 69 positions before I sink my cunt down on his cock. Oh dear his knob soon goes flaccid ( he's old.. can't keep it up) and despite my best efforts I have to finish myself off with my vibrator.

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Two cocks for a greedy Indian slut

Two cocks for a greedy Indian slutLength: 26 mins. 36 secs.


As a booking agent for an entertainment company I have to deal with interviews all the time. Today I had to interview to new young guys and of course like any good interviewer I needed to know what I'm working with. So 1st I got them to undo their shirts and show me their abs. mmm very nice. Then I got them to take it of.  At this point I was getting a bit hot under the collar and had decided that I just needed to sample the goods for myself. Obviously I needed to know who I would be hiring. Watch as I crawl across my desk eager to get to them, as I undo their pants and take their cocks into my mouth to give them both a sloppy blowjob and then a double blowjob. I then get them to undress me and we get down to business which involves lots of pussylicking, ballsucking, rimming, deepthroating, gagging, fucking in various positions and ends with them giving me a double facial.

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Meeting WILDCAT Loula for the for the first time

Meeting WILDCAT Loula for the for the first timeLength: 23 mins. 11 secs.


The 1st time I met Loula, I knew she was going to be horny little minx. Watch us get fucking filthy with each other as we strip 1st strip each other down, start kissing each other passionatly before moving onto sucking on each other nipples. Watch as we fuck each other cunts and arse with our tongues and fingers tease each other with our feet. One for girl girl and foot lovers

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Pleasing the boss

Pleasing the bossLength: 46 mins. 44 secs.


Damn.. Karlie and I get caught out sunbathing and having fun by our boss.. He's not very happy with us at all because we shoud have been cleaning and tidying up... Watch as catches us lounging around by the pool and as he tells us to get in doors and upstairs. Once upstairs he orders us to put on a girl girl show for him. He watches kiss each, lick each others cunts for a bit, before making us crawl over to him and play with his BBC. See the both of  take his BBC and we deepthroat it, spit all over it and gag on it before we both get pounded by him nice and hard. It finished with him fucking karlie in doggy as im underneath her and she lick my cunt and he gives her creampie which drips into my mouth

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His dick is just too big for me!

His dick is just too big for me!Length: 39 mins. 14 secs.


The husband and I have had to attend couples therapy with Dr Lacey as we haven't fucked in ages. His dick is just to big. Watch Dr Lacey counsel us, as he checks out my husbands dick size and then calls her sub Madsion to come over as she will be demonstrating techniques and positions for me on how to work my husbands big cock in my mouth and cunt, See the sub show me how to suck and ride cock as I observe. Then its my tuen to put the techniques to use.. See me work his big cock into my mouth which i do succesfully before moving onto the 1st position. Watch how i slowly work his big dick into my pussy..its a bit unconformtable at 1st but before long I'm riding it like a pro.. watch me get fucked in different positions as Dr Lacey and her sub get involved in the action. The therapy session finishes with my husband coming in the subs cunt.. A successful session it was

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Neck fetish with Mistress Thunder

Neck fetish with Mistress ThunderLength: 25 mins. 49 secs.


Fetishes come in all forms. A custom clip was requested by a client who wanted me to have my adams apple played with. He was very specific with his request. He wanted me to keep my neck long and exposed and then scrunched up. Mistress thunder had to kiss the neck/ adams apple, run her fingers along the ridges slowly, feel it caress it and lick it all the while as I pushed my neck up exposing the apple to her.

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LESBIAN AND B/G/G FUN WITH REBEKHA DEELength: 41 mins. 13 secs.


Part 1- Watch sexy Rebekha and myself get down to some hot girl on girl action, starting of with slowly kissing each other, stripping each other out of our clothes, before we get down to licking each others cunts and fucking each other

Part 2  Watch sexy Rebekha and myself get down to some hot 3 way action as i get my mouth and cunt fucked hard

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G/G foot tease and foot job with Rebekah Dee

G/G foot tease and foot job with Rebekah DeeLength: 17 mins. 2 secs.


Part 1 - Watch as the very naughty Rebekah and myself slowly tease you with out stockinged, feet telling you what we would like you to do and what we would do to you.. how good would our feet feel on yiur cock and in your mouth

Part 2 - Watch us both with our stockinged feet on a cock, teasing it, rubbing it up and down, and getting it all hard before making it cum

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POV hairjob and blowjob with a fan

POV hairjob and blowjob with a fanLength: 30 mins. 41 secs.


He'd told me that he had a fetish and that he really liked having womens long hair wrapped around his cock whilst getting a blowjob. I thought I would give him a fucking treat. I told him if he filmed it I would do exactly what he liked. Yep he was up for that, See me take his cock into my mouth as I start to lick it, deppthroat and gag on it. Watch me suck on his balls and get all all super sloppy. watch as I tease him by wrapping my around his cock and then give it a good long hard suck. I let him finish by shooting his cum all over my face.. Dirty little desi slut that I am!

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Being a harem slut for Pascal

Being a harem slut for PascalLength: 24 mins. 40 secs.


Pascal wanted a harem slut for the afternoon and he got me. From where he's sitting on the sofa, he watches me tease him with a little shimmy before I start playing with my cunt.  I see his cock getting hard as he watches me and i  crawl over to him on all fours. I take his cock into my mouth to give him a sloppy BJ, after which he licks my cunt. He then fucks me in different positions and end up coming over my tits.I go and  take a shower to clean myself up, but Pacsal has decided he wants to go again so we fuck some more in the bedroom with him coming in my  pussy and me licking him clean before we both head into the shower

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Casting Couch POV BJ

Casting Couch POV BJLength: 19 mins. 13 secs.


A videographer I contacted for some work, told me I had to attend a casting so that he could see if i  would be up for the "job". It was going to a role play where i would be was playing a harem girl and he is the sultan. See how I get on as I shimmy my way across the floor, kneel infront him, lie back and tease myself before crawling over to where he is sitting with his dick out of his pants. Watch me as I push my my arse back onto his cock, rub it up and down, teasing him before turning around, dropping to my knees and taking it ino my mouth for a sloppy blowjob. Watch me gagging and drooling all over that cock as i take all the way in. tehn wasthc me crawl away so that i can tease him some more as i lie back and fuck my self,, before crawling back to him to finish him off as he shoots his hot load over my face!


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Cant beat a girly holiday romp

Cant beat a girly holiday rompLength: 17 mins. 38 secs.


Being out and about in the sun gets me all frisky and when I get like that there's just no stopping me. Watch me and Lacey get upto afternoon fucking on the patio furniture. She was just as horny as I am.. All this sun.. we just couldn't help ourselves. Of with whatever little amount clothes we were wearing and we just got down to some good old fashion romping which included lots of pussylicking, arse licking, kissing and scissoring before having a a masive orgasm..

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Lesbian Sex By The Pool with a busty milf

Lesbian Sex By The Pool with a busty milfLength: 20 mins. 28 secs.


I picked up a hot blonde at bar whilst on holiday and one thing led to another.. well it was hot and i was feeling a bit horny and our barmaid.. well she had her tits out as well. A bit of flirting with the sexy blonde led onto kisisng and before you know it, before we were infront the pool getting down and dirty. See us dirty bitches fuck each other good and proper.. who doesn't like to see girls licking cunt!

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Outdoor Sex With Loula

Outdoor Sex With LoulaLength: 8 mins. 19 secs.


I do love a blonde and I got my self a very hot one in Loula.. She's a sexy minx who I love getting my hands on and i was able to just that one hot sunny afternoon as we frolicked around naked in the pool. All that heat gets me all frisky and Loula was feeling just as frisky as me.. What is a girl meant to do.? You just go for it. watch us get down and dirty with each other by the pool side as we move on from some sexy pasionate kisisng to some down right dirty pussy lickin and fucking fun

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Dommed Hard By Couple

Dommed Hard By CoupleLength: 30 mins. 0 secs.


Watch the mistress bring me into the room as the dom sits in the corner. Watch as she pushes me on the bed and toys with me before stripping me out of my dress.She restrains mehold my hands behind my back as licks on my tits as the dom watches on. The mistress tells me to turn around to face the dom as she carries on playing with me. She bends me over and cuffs my ankles and then tells me to suck his cock. Lots deepthroating and gagging she makes me take it deep. I'm then pushed onto my back with my cuffed legs in the air and to fucked hard by the dom. Whilst getting a good pounding she puts her cunt on my face and makes me lick her. I'm then flipped over into doggy and given a good pounding as I'm made to lick her cunt again. She uncuffs my ankles and makes me sit on the doms cock and ride him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before he gives me a  massive facial.

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Solo with dirty talk and feet fetish

Solo with dirty talk and feet fetishLength: 12 mins. 40 secs.


Watch me as I tease you with my feet, showing them off to you. Telling you how I would love it, if you would suck and play with them. After a bit of teasing I show you how i would suck on that bog hard cock of yours before I get my feet on it. See me slide my feet up and down the dildo imagining it's your cock.I got so horny doing that that I just had to fuck myself with my dildo. See me take it out of my cunt, lick of all my pussy juices before sucking on it imagining it's your cock and telling you to cum in my mouth.

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Solo fun on the river

Solo fun on the riverLength: 14 mins. 31 secs.


Enjoying the sunshine and  I got a bit flustered. The heat was making me frisky, so off came the lifejacket, followed by my bikini and then i got down to sorting to myself out..Watch me play with myself as i slide my fingers into my tight cunt hole and when my fingers aren,t enough I fuck myself with dildo coming all over it

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Alfresco solo fun on the beach

Alfresco solo fun on the beachLength: 13 mins. 32 secs.


Its been a hot few weeks..Nothing better than spending an afternoon wondering around naked on the beach.. All that walking around had got me very hot and horny. When I got back to my secluded spot i decided to make myself comfortable and have some naughty solo fun..Wtach me lick and suck on my glass dildo before fucking my cunt, making myself cum.

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Lesbian Sex With Lola Marie

Lesbian Sex With Lola MarieLength: 17 mins. 53 secs.


I indulged myself with the sexy minx Lola as we got down to some hot sexy passionate fun.. See me lying back on the bed as I tell her that I'v been waiting for her . Watch kiss kiss each other passionately before removing each others clothes.. See us play as we get hot and heavy, licking and fingering each other, I get Lola to sit on my face si that i can lick her cunt as she then licks mine before making her cum as I finger fuck her.

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Reacquainting Myself With Sensi

Reacquainting Myself With SensiLength: 23 mins. 48 secs.


It's been a long time since I first sampled the delights of Sensi.....Far too long. Oh my his cock was much bigger than i remembered, Was I going to be able to his BBC? Watch me take that big black cock of his in hand as i take it into my mouth for a sloppy blowjob, and gag on it before getting fucked good and hard in all positions..Watch as he drives his cock into me and pounds my cunt hard before finishing with a creampie..Yum

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 Desi slut gets fucked hard anally on the stairs

Desi slut gets fucked hard anally on the stairsLength: 34 mins. 13 secs.


Watch me as I get on my knees on the kitchen floor and take a  big cock deep into my mouth and get face fucked nice and hard and then being pulled into the hallway for some more rough deepthroating, getting on fours, getting fucked hard, then on the stairs, getting in some feet play and then getting fucked hard in all my holes, in all positions getting them stretched wide open endingup with getting a massive facial


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Public Bar Strip & Masturbation

Public Bar Strip & MasturbationLength: 29 mins. 44 secs.


During my recent trip to Malaga the sudden change in climate and constant sun was making me very horny! When I noticed that the bar by the pool was quiet, I couldn't resist stripping off and enjoying a bit of 'me time'  Watch me strip down, play with myself before sucking on a black dildo, stick it in my cunt and the ride it!

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Just In From Work... Tired But Horny

Just In From Work... Tired But HornyLength: 13 mins. 33 secs.


Work is so tiring, but I'm always horny when I get in.. Theres nothing better than stripping down, and fucking myself to help me relax and unwind.. watch me as i fuck myself, fingering my arse and cunt just for you

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Desi Muslim Tart Riding MotorBunny To Climax

Desi Muslim Tart Riding MotorBunny To ClimaxLength: 13 mins. 15 secs.


Watch me dressed in my niqab riding the motorbunny for some solo fun like any  good desi muslim tart would

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1st time anal fuck with a BBC

1st time anal fuck with a BBC Length: 24 mins. 42 secs.


Watch me in my very 1st BBC scene. Oh my his cock is massive and I didn't know if I could take it. Watch me as I get to grips with it in my mouth as deep throat and gag on it before getting fucked in all my holes. watch me get a good pounding in my cunt and arse, ending up with a massive facial

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Fantasy girl Lolly makes my dream a reality

Fantasy girl Lolly makes my dream a realityLength: 41 mins. 58 secs.


Lolly is my fantasy girl. I imagine getting my hands on her nice peach arse. Watch what happens when the fantasy becomes a reality.. I let her take control of me as we get down to some hardcore lesbian action all over the house

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Desi sluts take BBC

Desi sluts take BBCLength: 32 mins. 43 secs.


See Leah, Sensi and myself in some fucking hot 3 way interracial action. See us Desi sluts suck on his BBC before he gets down to fucking us both hard and fast. See Leah the dirty bitch suck the BBC after its been up my arse.. the dirty bitch loves a bit of arse to mouth. Lots of hardcore fucking

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Getting fucked hard anally by Jazz druro

Getting fucked hard anally by Jazz druroLength: 29 mins. 59 secs.


Watch me getting fucked hard in all positions, See my arse get a good hard pounding and getting gaped open just for you. Watch me get used and abused like the dirty indian slut that I am.

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My 1ST DPLength: 28 mins. 28 secs.


MY 1st DP.. What can i say.. Watch my mouth get filled by 2 cocks like the greedy desi slut iam ,  before getting my pussy licked and then getting all my holes stretched. Watch me take a cock in my desi cunt and in my arse and get fucked hard

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Extreme Bathroom Domination With Lolly badcock

Extreme Bathroom Domination With Lolly badcockLength: 19 mins. 15 secs.


See me get dominated my Lolly badcock, as she uses and abuses me by making me her desi fuck slave. I've been a very naughty girl and she teaches me a lesson by humiliating me, and then dominates me, making me lick her cunt, using me before flushing my head down the toilet.

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Pigtail Fuck With Footjob Finish

Pigtail Fuck With Footjob FinishLength: 24 mins. 54 secs.


Watch me in my cheeky pigtails and my naughty outfit ready to get fucked by Steve. I knew Steve liked feet so I had pedicure specially done, just for him. Watch me strip, and have some solo fun, before getting my cunt licked. Then watch me get face facefucked before getting fucked on the chair. We then move onto the sofa  where I get fucked some more in all positions before giving Steve a footjob to finish

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Outdoor Lesbian Sex In (and out of) the Pool

Outdoor Lesbian Sex In (and out of) the PoolLength: 24 mins. 6 secs.


Was such a hot day and I had invited my friend Karlie over for some poolside fun. Watch us frolicking in the pool before we start getting carried away. We start kissing in the pool before getting down to some poolside pussylicking We then move onto sunloungers for a very steamy romp in the sun

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Good Hard Masturbation Home Alone

Good Hard Masturbation Home AloneLength: 15 mins. 48 secs.


Nothing beats a good solo fuck when i'm home alone. Watch me as I put on a hot sexy show just for you

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Stripping & Finger Fucking My Cunt Just For You

Stripping & Finger Fucking My Cunt Just For YouLength: 7 mins. 41 secs.


I'm just a dirty little slut and there's nothing better than teasing you dirty horny fuckers. Watch me as i strip down , tease you with lots of dirty talk, tell you how much i'd like you to fuck me before i fuck myself sticking my fingers right up my cunt.

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Hot afternoons make me horny. Watch me make Myself

Hot afternoons make me horny. Watch me make MyselfLength: 11 mins. 33 secs.


An afternoon at a BBQ  had gotten me all worked up..A girls got to do what needs to be done. I sneak back in the house, strip out of my little dress, and get down sorting myself out. not just the once but twice. How much of a greedy bitch am I?

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Solo Strip & Wank

Solo Strip & WankLength: 9 mins. 20 secs.


Watchme strip out my little gym short, lie back and play with myself because i'm just a hornly little slut

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Cheating Desi Slut Gets fucked by Black Dick

Cheating Desi Slut Gets fucked by Black DickLength: 25 mins. 55 secs.


Watch me, a good desi milf dressed in a sari. get a good hard fucking by a BBC. The husband has not been satisfying my needs. Whilst he is at work,  I invite his friend around to around to fuck me like any good desi wife would. See me sucking and getting a good hard fucking by a BBC

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Afternoon Sex With Tindra Frost

Afternoon Sex With Tindra FrostLength: 22 mins. 38 secs.


Nothing beats a good afternoon sex session with a sexy hot slut.. Watch me and Tindra get down and dirty with each other. We start of with lots hot passionate kisisng, before stripping each other out of their underwear.. Watch us get really filthy teasing each other, licking each cunts, facesitting and do lots of arse play. Watch i as finger fuck Tindra and make her all over my fingers and then make her lick them clean 

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The Dress Fitting

The Dress FittingLength: 24 mins. 36 secs.


Amber a new bride comes in for a dress fitting with Lacey.  Watch what happens as we fit her into a dream dress..Things start heating between Lacey and me when we take Amber upstairs to show her how the dress looks on her. Lacey ask me go up under Ambers wedding dress to fit the underskirt and oops I get carried away and start licking her pussy... Then once we have gotten her out of  the dress we decide to give her an early wedding present from us in our very own style... 3 way hot lesbian action involving lots of pussy licking, facesitting and fucking.

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Discipline For The New Office Girl

Discipline For The New Office GirlLength: 22 mins. 21 secs.


That new office girl Madison, is a real prick-tease. She turns up at the office in slutty liitle numbers that barely cover her tits and arse. I don't whether she's just trying to work her way through every dick in the building or if she actually thinks that being so 'popular' among her male colleagues will gain her some kind of promotion. Well she thought wong and it's time to put the little bitch in her place.

I call her into my office.She's got a bit of mouth on her so I bend her over my desk and give her a good spanking before getting her to kneel on the floor infront of me and lick my sweaty stocking clad feet..Just what bitch deserves. I then make her remove my knickers. As I sit comfortably back in my chair I get the bitch to show me just how much of a good little slut she is by making her lick my cunt. She's way to overdressed and sluts dont need dresses so I cut it of her body slowly before I sit and ride her pretty little face. Once I've had my fun, I tell her to get out my office with her rags and go set up the meeting room.. She'll think twice before behaving like a little slut again!

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Jerk Off Instruction for you dirty wankers

Jerk Off Instruction for you dirty wankersLength: 8 mins. 39 secs.


Satine and I show you filthy fuckers exactly how you should be behaving while watching these videos!

Pull down your pants down and do as you are told.. Watch us, as we tease you with lots of filthy upskirt action and show you exactly what to do with your cocks!

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I'm the special treat for my friends anniversary

I'm the special treat for my friends anniversaryLength: 29 mins. 21 secs.


Loula has planned a very special Anniversary treat for her fella Sam. I am to be their joint present,

Sam's on his way back from work to see what his lovely surprise is. but the little slut is just to eager and can't wait. We decide to start without him ..He catches us licking each others pussies and joins right in. Watch as we strip sam out of his clothes. and tease his cock, with a double sloopy blowjob, deapthroat and gagging.. see me sitting on his face as Loula rides his cock.. lots of filith fucking before he shoots his load all over us.... Now he wont forget this in a hurry..

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lesbian fun with Satine and I

lesbian fun with Satine and I Length: 20 mins. 39 secs.


I've been waiting a very long time to get my hands on the sexy minx Satine Sparks. I finally got the chance to get down down right filthy with her in a very hot lesbian encounter, with lots of kissing, pussy and arse licking. It all got very heated as I got Satine to fuck herself on my toes and make herself cum!

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I take Satine's Jug-Piss Challenge

I take Satine's Jug-Piss ChallengeLength: 5 mins. 48 secs.


Satine Sparks has been running her popular fill up the Jug Challenge for a while now. She challenged me to a pissing contest and here's what happened when I decided take her up on it....See us writhing around desperately for a piss, lift up out skirts and fill up the jugs one by one.. Who will be the winner, who will be the sore loser!

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Dominatrix In The Dormitory

Dominatrix In The DormitoryLength: 15 mins. 27 secs.


Latex-clad dominant school ma'am Devon Breeze catches me climbing back into into my room after a night out.. What was I upto?  I nee to be taught a lesson. She bends over the bed and dishes out a spanking over my shorts before pulling them down and giving me a spanking over my bare bum. She get to me turn over onto my back because she wants to stick her tongue in my cunt and taste the cock she can smell on it!. Then she forces me to lick her cunt before handcuffing me to the bed, sitting on my face, making me lick her cunt some more as she  torments my clit with a vibrator . All in the name of discipline

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I have some fun with Fuckbuddy Longwood

I have some fun with Fuckbuddy LongwoodLength: 24 mins. 38 secs.


I'm home alone, bored and horny. I need to be fucked hard. A quick swipe on my mobile phone and I'm soon joined by one of my favourites Longwood. Watch me take his  whole 9" . Fuck me he's a big boy.. Watch as I fit that big piece of wood into my mouth spit all over it, take it all the way in and gag on it .. umm before he fucks my tight little indian cunt.. See his dick strech out my pussy in all positions before giving me a bucket load.

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My Special Massage Therapy

My Special Massage TherapyLength: 18 mins. 44 secs.


I am a massueuse and of my specials is an all-over body-to-body massage. This lucky client got more than he bargained for when he came to my massage room. I started of te massage with nice slow strokes, and i could see his cock getting hard.. what was i to do? Well like any good little slut would do .. I massaged his cock with my hands, mouth and cunt! As a tip he gives me a massive facial. I like tips!

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Oops i already fucked your mother

Oops i already fucked your motherLength: 27 mins. 28 secs.


I have a new girlfriend and her name Loula. It's always awkward when you first meet your new partner's Mother. What made this particular first meeting even more awkward was that it wasn't the first time I'd met her.. How was I to know. I dont keep a track of all the women I fuck. Shit ..what do I do?... So we're chilling out in Loulas room as girlfriends do and before long we're at it.. kissing licking fucking... once we're done having sex, Loula goes of to shower as I chill out on the bed..Sometime later I feel hands moving up the back of legs massaging up.. I assume it's Loula coming back from her shower,  but as the hand work up my body it turns out its her Mum... and shes not happy.. She stands on the bed and makes me lick her cunt which I do like dirty cunt that I am ..Will Loula find out. or will she catch us at it?

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Fuck me in the bathroom

Fuck me in the bathroomLength: 31 mins. 10 secs.


Watch Ben and me go at it the bathrooom. Watch me deepthroat and spit and gag all over his cock before getting fucked good and hard in all positions ending up getting drenched in the bath

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Getting to know Lara Lee

Getting to know Lara LeeLength: 24 mins. 9 secs.


Watch me corrupt shy girl Lara Lee by making her strip for me. making her play with her pussy, tease my feet with her mouth before we get down to lots of kissing, pussylicking and fingering in some very hot girl on girl action

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Sensual girl on girl fun with Louise Parker

Sensual girl on girl fun with Louise ParkerLength: 39 mins. 21 secs.


Sensual girl on girl fun with the sexy Louise Parker.. Scene has lots of kissing , pussylicking, arse play including anal with fingers and toys, dp with toys and feet play.

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Best friends getting naughty with each other

Best friends getting naughty with each otherLength: 30 mins. 1 secs.


Watch Tammy and me getting ready for a night out but we just dont make it out.. Like the horny little sluts we are, we get down to making out in the bathroom before ending up in the front room on the sofa for some very steamy lesbian action. Involves lots of kissing, pussy and arse licking and fingering cunt and arse in all positions.

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Tony S and I getting to know each other

Tony S and I getting to know each otherLength: 29 mins. 54 secs.

VINTAGE B/G (2006)

Watch me get fucked hard rough and ready in all positions by Bisexual Indian guy Tony S.. Watch him finish by giving me a massive facial

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Tie me up and fuck me

Tie me up and fuck meLength: 45 mins. 50 secs.


Wayne the cabbie comes back to drop of my phone that I had purposely left in his cab. As i walk back to the kitchen I leave the front door open as an invitation. Of course what else is going to do.. he lets himself in.. well why wouldn't he.. he comes into the kitchen strips of my shirt, bends me over the kitchen counter, ties up my wrists, strips of clothes before making me suck his cock, fucking me on and over the kitchen counter, fucking me hard on the kitchen floor before coming over my face

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Having some solo fun

Having some solo funLength: 28 mins. 52 secs.


Watch me strip down completely, slowly taking of my fishnet body stocking,  suck on a vibrator and then fuck myself silly!

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Loula & I Being Footplay Sluts

Loula & I Being Footplay SlutsLength: 11 mins. 0 secs.


Watch Loula and me behave like the dirty little sluts we are. We just love feet . Watch us in some hot and horny lesbian action starting of with some very passionate kissing before moving onto each others feet. Taking each other stocking clad feet into our mouth, licking and sucking on them, removing the stcokings, getting the tongue right in between the bare toes and then toe fucking each other..

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